Cleaning up and moving on

Not much to report yet. After wrapping Wednesday, it was time to catch up on e-mails, management meetings and phone calls. That took up most of Thursday and Friday. Also, some much needed family time. We went to dinner together and also caught the new “Pirates” movie, which was a lot of fun.

Also on Friday, T.J. Young came in to do some post audio work. He was our Ammon in our second movie and plays the role of Samuel in our eighth movie that comes out in November, “Samuel and the Christmas Prophecy.” It was good to see him again. He’s been off climbing world peaks and is about to leave for several months to direct the national touring production of “Aida,” so we had to get him in here before it was too late. It was a little bit of a mad scramble to get his scenes of “Samuel” roughly edited so we had something to ADR to.

Yesterday, Saturday, started to get serious about wrapping my mind around Jonah. Mostly, that involved organizing my Jonah binder, re-reading the scripture story, and doing some research Ninevah (those Ninevanians (Ninevites?) were nasty).

There is a whole lot of editing to get done in a big hurry for “Daniel and the Lions.” We’re hoping to have a rough cut done this week.