Liken for the Stage

Getting that much closer to realizing the “Liken for the Stage” series. Finished a few final tweaks to the script of “Nephi & Laban.” Still a couple more tweaks needed for the sheet music and music tracks, but then I’m hoping that this will be the start of a useful contribution to the cultural arts efforts of wards and stakes and other groups everywhere.

I’m biased toward these types of activities, since it was in such an activity where I first met my wife. We were paired up in a song called “Eternity is You” (not-so-subtle sign from on high, perhaps?) in the musical “My Turn on Earth.” Say what you will about that show, I will be forever indebted to the writers, composers, directors and stake officials who made that show possible in England.

I’m including a picture from the world premiere of the first stage version of “Nephi and Laban.” It was put on by a stake up in Edmonton, Alberta. They did a wonderful job, and were most helpful in the process of refining this production for the stage.

I also continued work on “The First Christmas” adaptation. These projects got pushed aside a little so I could focus on some marketing items, but I have been eager to get back to them. The “Christmas” adaptation is a little trickier, given that our version weaves together three separate stories. I think, however, with creative (minimalist) staging, it will work very well. I still plan to have this done by the end of the month.

Post-production work continues on “Daniel.” We’re pushing to have an official DVD for testing by this Friday.