The Samuel Wire

It’s just after 11 pm, and the office is a hive of activity. Visual effects team is cranking away at making arrows fly, fake cities look real, and waterfalls fall. Downstairs, the audio team is working on what we hope will be the final mix. In the back, Greg is trying to squeeze out the last couple of bonus features.

The final deadline, as might be suspected, is upon us. This movie needs to be off to replication by Monday at 9 am. We don’t work Sundays, so that means we have about another 24 hours to put this thing to bed. We’ve come up against the usual barrage of obstacles — usual in that there is always a barrage of them, but the specific barrage components varies from each movie.

Still, it is coming together amazingly well. These are some talented people, and they are applying their skills and best inspiration to make this what seems like it will be a very special project.

A week from yesterday, we’ll have our premiere of the movie at Thanksgiving Point. That is a whole ‘nother project that we haven’t had much time to wrap our minds around. But Janna is working hard on it and it sounds like it will be a nice evening of music and movies.