Nineveh Rising

Ken & crew begin to build Nineveh...

At a secret location in a non-descript warehouse in Orem, Utah, a small crew led by the prophet Samuel is building the city of Nineveh.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t really the prophet Samuel, although with his full beard and soul-piercing eyes, it’s not hard to see why we’ve cast Ken Eklof, our set builder for Jonah as well as all previous Liken productions, as a prophet in a number of our movies.

And maybe it’s not really Nineveh, but it is going to be our version of that great, ancient city. More specifically, it will be the town square, where rival gangs of ancient Ninevites face off (in song and dance, of course) in our upcoming stage and film production, “Jonah & the Great Fish.”

Doug Ellis' design for Nineveh

And it isn’t really a secret location, either. But the non-descript warehouse in Orem, Utah? That part is real. We’ve temporarily rented a place where set designer Doug Ellis’ vision of Jonah’s world will come to life.

Nineveh is the first piece of construction that is going up for this show. It should be finished in early December. It will feature several two-story buildings, some with functioning balconies, and room for one of the most amazing dances ever seen in a Liken production (thanks to choreographer Jason Celaya; by the way, if you’re an amazing dancer and want to be one of our Ninevites, don’t miss our upcoming dance call audition).

Nineveh rising from the page...

This production is going to be a lot of fun. Jonah managed to pack a lot of action into just a few brief chapters, and we’re going to do our best to bring it to life this February at the SCERA Center in Orem and, later, as a movie coming to a DVD player near you. We’re putting the finishing touches on the original cast album as you read this (it’s available for pre-order now). We’re auditioning like crazy (see our auditions page). Ticket sales to the stage production are going very well (all tickets are priced the same, so order soon to get the best seat selection – by the way, “Jonah” tickets make a great Christmas gift, hint, hint!). We’re having production meetings to work out all the details (man, there are a lot of details). All in all, crazy busy around here. But things are coming together nicely.

Plus functional balconies where the dancers can do their thing.

Once Nineveh is built, the warehouse will be magically transformed into a ship building facility, where Ken and crew will make the “Tarshish Expresh,” a sea vessel with a flyaway mast and a unique hull that can let our audience see not only what is going on topside, but also what is going on below deck as the ship makes its way, with Jonah and a hearty band of mariners, into a gigantic storm.

More on that to follow. But for now, better get back to work…