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Fell a little behind last week on the edit. I was meant to have round two of the rough cut finished. But real life caught up to me and I was only able to devote a few hours to the edit.


BEFORE: A shot of our undersea background before FX work.

The primary reason for wanting to get rough cut two done was because I had a meeting with Darin Andersen and his merry band of special effects wizards (namely Alex Johnson) yesterday to start the process of transforming our rather plain undersea backgrounds into something looking a little more interesting.


AFTER: One possible approach to a background treatment proposed by Darin Andersen.

We’re still experimenting with various looks, but here’s a before and after example of one of their first concepts. A lot of it will come down to those two pesky elements that are the bane of pretty much every independent production company’s existence – insufficient time and money. But I’m liking what we’re seeing so far. Under producer/bro’s capable hand, we’ll do our best to stretch our resources as far as we can.

While I didn’t get everything done I was hoping for by yesterday, I was able to deliver scenes 15 and 16 to Darin yesterday. That’s the part where Jonah descends to the bottom of the sea all the way through to Jonah’s delivery to shore and Humphrey and Chum’s final exit. More than 10 minutes of screen time. The Jonah descent is a top priority shot, because frankly, the two wires that are suspending him in the air make suspension of disbelief a real stretch.

So while the guys are working on those shots, today I was able to work a bit more on tightening up scene 9. It’s where we first meet the school of fish (including one oversized fish named Humphrey) at recess, hear Humphrey’s beautifully sad song, “A Place Where I Belong,” meet Chum and a trio of sharks, and hear Chum’s fun song, “Because of You.” Long scene, but lots of fun elements to keep it lively.

I love seeing the elements come together.


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  1. It looks like your “new” one…Jonah will be even more exciting with the backgrounds looking like they are under water.
    I still can’t wait until it is out…it seems like it has been YEARS since the announcement of this production. My grandkids are still waiting, too..hope it is the BEST yet.

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