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The Missing Chapter: Steven Stucki

In my effort to recapture the missing chapter of my life that I first wrote about here, I’d like to use my considerable clout to introduce both all three of my readers to some amazingly talented, yet remarkably good-hearted artists you’ll want to keep an eye on, because I suspect they’re going places.

I remember as a kid poking my head up through an attic access panel and discovering that there was a whole ‘nother world up there that I didn’t even know existed. Whoa.

I sometimes think that while we regular mortals spend all our time in this world, some artists are able to poke their heads up into this other realm of existence where communication happens in its purest form — via the language of music — and they have the gift of being able to channel it back to the rest of us so that we can catch a glimpse of it.

I suspect Steven Stucki is one of those. In fact, when he’s performing, I think Steven actually slips into this other realm and channels the music back for us. His body and voice are still down here (mostly), but those of us listening and watching down here can only marvel as his eyes take in all the swirling energy that’s up there, and the veins in his neck nearly pop as his voice channels whatever it is he’s tapped into.

When the song is over, it’s like he’s waking back up from his trance, a little disoriented. I almost want to say, “Welcome back, Steven. Thanks for the glimpse. How was your trip?”

His songs are unlike any other artist I can think of. Steven’s his own genre.

The nicest guy, too. I watched him in his group songwriting competition. He was the most patient facilitator, making sure each group member had the opportunity to get in their input and contribute to the effort. With Steven, you could trust that any idea, no matter how out there, would be fully entertained, rather than shot down.

For his solo number, he came to the show with a new song he had written that had as its refrain “cuckoo,” repeated several times. Not your standard pop song, in other words. But he so fully committed to the song that he gave us a glimpse to his other world and made us grateful for the ride. Whoa.

I wish I could have found it online, but no such luck, sadly.

However, he has a number of other songs online. Here’s a fun one, “Move Your Body.” Most the time, I have no idea what he’s saying, but it’s almost like Steven is saying don’t let the words get in the way of message. Enjoy, tell a friend, and keep an eye on Steven Stucki.


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  1. Dennis! The more I see of these young artists, the more I’m mystified as to why things didn’t move forward. They are WONDERFUL.

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