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The Missing Chapter: Who Is Jenn Blosil?

In my effort to recapture the missing chapter of my life that I first wrote about here, I’ve been chronicling just some of the amazingly talented, yet remarkably good-hearted artists I came across during a few weeks last summer. Here another one you’ll want to keep an eye on, because I suspect she’s going places.

The day before the second episode of StarBiz was set to air, showrunner Aaron Edson drove down to our office and broke the news. Production was being suspended immediately and indefinitely. The show wasn’t being cancelled, but the reasons given for the suspension were sketchy and the steps needed to unsuspend production and get the show back on the air were sketchier still.

It was the weirdest feeling. Like being Neo in the middle of an epic battle against thousands of Agents Smith with the fate of the universe at stake and all of a sudden somebody presses the pause button so he can go make a peanut butter sandwich.

The pause button never got unpressed. In fact, somewhere along the way, somebody pressed the power button and put the whole VCR thingy in a vault, all seven episodes we shot, never to be heard from again.

A brutal loss, those seven episodes. To me, even more brutal was the loss of an awesome avenue for giving a potentially powerful boost to the careers of a new breed of singer-songwriters, gifted not only in their talents but in the goodness of their hearts.

I’ve recounted a bunch of such double-threat artists that came through the StarBiz doors, and I could highlight a bunch more, but probably about time to wrap up this missing chapter series by highlighting just one more.

Who Is Jenn Blosil?

The first thing most people notice about Jenn tends to be her massively curly head of hair. But listen to her sing her songs and you’ll be transported wherever she takes you and forget everything else, including her hair.

Jenn had a period of time when she moved away from pursuing music, feeling like it was an industry that would require her to be something that she wasn’t. You see, Jenn is a woman who doesn’t take her faith lightly. It’s not just a Sunday thing for her. It pretty much permeates everything she does and says and sings. It’s who she is.

Somewhere along the way, I’m happy to say, she decided that if the music industry wanted her, it would have to take her, faith and all. And if the industry couldn’t take her that way, she decided she would be fine with that. I hope the industry finds a place for her.

I remember the song she brought for StarBiz, especially when she played it for the studio audience on the final night of her episode’s taping. It was a full transportational thing for the entire studio audience, the kind that, when she finished, the song just hung in the air and you sorta hoped the audience wouldn’t applaud because it would chase away the vibe, but it would be rude not to applaud such a cool performance, so eventually you gotta applaud, but man, oh man, what a vibe. I felt sorry for whoever had to follow her.

Jenn and some guy.

It was the kind of performance that, if broadcast worldwide, could have accelerated her ability to develop the kind of following that would allow Jenn to take her music to a bigger stage, where she could touch a lot more lives. I’m bummed I couldn’t find a version of it online that comes close to capturing what she did on stage.

Not one to throw in the towel that easily, Jenn’s got something else up her sleeve. I heard about it last night. She was performing in an outdoor concert in Provo. Between a pair of her songs, she announced that she was launching a Kickstarter campaign. In fact, she conducted a countdown onstage and clicked the launch button right there in front of everybody (I captured the moment with this horrible video from my iPhone; if you want to see less video of Jenn like this and more that truly captures the essence of Jenn and her songs, please give).

The Kickstarter is not to create an album, but to help her produce the first five songs that will be turned into online videos and other magical things that will launch what I hope will be a long and noteworthy career. Watch her explain here.

I wish I could find a link to a decent video of the song she performed on the show so you could hear what I’m talking about. In fact, I wish I could find a link to a decent video of any of Jenn’s songs online. Alas, I’m coming up empty (if you find one, please feel free to share it in the comments below). It’s why her Kickstarter is needed, so we can help Jenn do it right.

Do the world a favor and help them discover who is Jenn Blosil.


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