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Memory Lane: What Deep Searching Brings Most People Here


Besides my 7 regular followers (bless you), my blog also gets its share of random visitors from all over the planet. Pictured to the right, for example, is the list from the last 30 days. Once, I thought perhaps you seven must be very busy world travelers.

But then I thought I’d investigate further. I delved into WordPress’ stats and found that one particular search term kept popping up over and over again. I can’t say I could’ve guessed it. Ready for it? Here it comes…

giant meatball

Yep, giant meatball, along with its close cousins big meatball, really big meatball, and the uncharacteristically unassuming meatball were the top search terms that brought people to notes to self. Curious, I tried it myself. I went to google and typed in giant meatball. (Go ahead, try it.)


And sure enough, right there up near the top of the list was a picture of Maximo Meatball II, the star of our play in development, The Fork.

Clicking the image takes searchers to this underlying page, where I described in a blog post the giant meatball’s pending return to the sweltering stage of The Echo Theatre for the first staged reading last summer of a full-length version of the play.

I don’t pretend to know why there is such a deep, profound yearning for a giant meatball that can somehow transcend international boundaries. Nor do I know what these international visitors think upon their arrival to these pages.

But I do know this: time to finish that rewrite. Maximo. Must. Return.

For Maximo! And for Belize!