The First Christmas / The Process / The Stage


Ariel and Daniel doing their pipe thing.

Ariel and Daniel doing their pipe thing.

Here’s the thing. Last night was their first night taking the stage after working in the rehearsal room in the basement of the SCERA for the last few weeks. So they were still feeling their way around the set, which was mostly in place, but incomplete and unpainted. No mics yet. No lights. No costumes. They had just been placed by our director, Jan Hunsaker (that’s her in the foreground working the scene), but she was still fine tuning who should be where. Choreography was evolving from “stand and deliver” and “let the music move you” (they ended up going more towards “let the music move you” in later runs of the scene, which I think was good, because how could you not?).

In other words, still very much a work in progress.

Regardless, I was still pretty excited to hear this particular part of “Glory to God” to see what Ariel Dolinar, who is new to the show this year, would do with her part. And, of course, I’m always keen to hear Daniel do his thing. So I got out my cell phone and pressed record.


Despite the rawness of where they are in the process, it still hit me. Goosebump city. They’ve got pipes, I tell ya.

This is going to be good.

Tickets (because I know you were wondering):