The First Christmas / The Stage

Opening Night

There’s something magical about opening night. That probably explains why, when I stopped on the way to the theater to get a quick bite, I spilled stuff down my trousers. One quick pitstop at a clothing store along the way, however, and I was back in fine fighting form.

Yes, opening nights are magical. The next morning, not so much. But I decided to spend the next morning anyway cutting together some video of last night’s pre-show preparations.

As I was editing, I couldn’t help but reflect on all these lovely souls. These people have volunteered countless hours over the last couple of months to get to this point. This video is a tribute to them and their hard work. I also hope it helps people in the community want to come see them. We’ll share it as best we can. Their work deserves to be seen.

Warning: this video divulges whether or not the Angel Gabriel (played by none other than the original Daniel Beck) has hair or not in the 2014 version of the show. (We invested in a fairly expensive wig for the movie version some nine years ago, plus he’s worn it in the two prior stage runs, too; but apparently, even fairly expensive wigs don’t last forever.) So, if you’re wanting to keep the hair/no hair suspense thing going until you see the show, you should probably skip 1:45-1:50.

So, we talked it over, and it’s decided: you should come. Ticket info here.