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Speaking of Doing Something Big…

greenscreenprepPre-production continues on “The Girl Who Wanted to do Something Big,” our 5-minute family film that we’re planning to shoot (as our entry in the LDS Film Festival‘s family film category) mostly during the evenings between the holidays. Gathering props. Selecting wardrobe. Timing shots (that 5-minute limit is brutal). That sort of thing.

We’ve decided that we’re going to try to push our green screen skills a bit with this shoot, which would not only solve the “shooting exteriors in Utah in the middle of winter” problem, but could be helpful down the road if we’re looking for ways to make Liken shoots and the like more feasible. But that meant we would need more green screen. So Ken ordered a few 10-foot x 20-foot pieces, which came nicely folded in a box. When I unwrapped one, there were creases and wrinkles galore, which would make post-production all kinds of extra fun, as removing green screen from footage gets more complicated the more different shades of green you have to deal with.

I hung up one of the pieces for a few days to see the creases would hang out a bit. And they did! But probably at a pace of 1% a day. So I did the math, and realized that at this clip, we were looking at a 2016 LDSFF entry unless we could figure something else out.

Cue Suzanne

I mentioned the dilemma to Suzanne, who offered to do the unthinkable — well, maybe not unthinkable, but certainly unenviable — task of ironing the beasts. So last night, just before our never-to-be-missed-except-during-the-last-3-weeks-which-was-The-First-Christmas-run-when-she’s-busy-running-the-Liken-sales-booth-in-the-lobby-including-during-our-terribly-romantic-12/12-anniversary-spent-together-behind-the-sales-table Friday night date, we carried the iron and ironing board into our office, and then she began the ironing job of all ironing jobs. I tried to help wrangle the fabric, but mostly she tolerated my meddling as her iron devoured pass after pass of wrinkles.

She is the Wrinkle Terminator.

Today, our cast and crew gathers for our second and final production meeting and our one-and-only rehearsal. Still much to be done.

But the green screens are awesome.