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Resistance Fighter

curtainI wrote the first 51 pages of the script in four days when I was being all writerly up in the mountains. Back in the real world, however, things progressed a lot slower, on account of all that being in the real world entails. I reached “curtain” on page 105 exactly one month later, on Aug. 24.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like a bad pace, but I gotta say it was a real slog to get through. There was an unending line of things conspiring to get me to not write. Some of it was legitimate stuff, but I suppose most of it was that familiar old nemesis — self doubt — in one disguise or another. The closer I got to the end, the closer I got to having to put it out there and face the prospect that this thing that is such a major part of my heart and soul would just be “meh” to the real world. This is not so much a conscious thought process, but I suspect that’s the source of the underlying resistance on some subconscious level.

So it was often a major battle just to sit my butt in a chair and put one word in front of the other, resistance fighting from house to house.

“I wonder what the party people are doing over on Facebook,” self doubt me would ask. “Shut up and give me words!”

“I haven’t checked Instagram in awhile. Maybe somebody liked my pic.” “Nope. You shall not look until you finish that scene!”

“When’s the last time you tweeted? You know, this social media stuff matters. They’re your peeps. They’re probably the only ones who might actually come to the show.” “Look. I’m not looking until I finish the scene. And can I just cut you off right here about Pinterest and save us both another one of these paragraphs?”

I mean, we’re talking a non-stop, noisy, month-long, slug fest. But the thing is, note to self, if you just keep slogging away at it, eventually, through some miracle of time and word count and law of butt-in-the-chair physics, the “curtain” comes.

Take that, self doubt.

Now, the rewrite. Wonder what the party people are doing on Facebook…


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