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The Fork’s Second Stab at the Big Apple

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

theforkapple2Teri Black, a New York City-based actress, was at a fork in her road. She had broken her leg, which left her unable to work. Rather than sit around moping, and to keep her creative juices flowing, she began to invite her actor friends over to her apartment for play readings. She shared with me her story a couple of months ago over lunch in the restaurant of a Salt Lake City hotel where she and her husband were staying while he attended a scientific conference. I was delighted to meet her and hear first hand how she handled that fork in her road.

Over the years, the readings grew in popularity, and larger venues were found. Churches. Libraries. Anywhere they could gather a group of actors and an audience. Break a Leg Productions is now in its 21st year of staged readings in the Big Apple.

Sometime last year, Break a Leg’s literary manager, Rosemary Hopkins, had discovered the full-length version of “The Fork” in their stack of submissions, where it had been languishing for the better part of a year. She emailed me to tell me she liked it, but thought it wouldn’t be a good fit for their staged-reading format. However, she saw from my cover letter that the full-length version had grown from a 10-minute version, so she asked if I would be willing to send that over.

I was.

Sorry, little buddy. Maybe next time.

Sorry, little buddy. Maybe next time.

Earlier this year, I heard back from Rosemary that the 10-minute version had been selected for a staged reading for the group’s summer soiree, which happens to be this Monday. I offered to send her the original giant meatball, which sits on the desk in my study wearing mouseketeer ears. But Rosemary, who is directing the show, said that for Break a Leg’s version, she planned to make a real giant meatball, out of real meat and everything, so that the The Fork could take a bite or two from it and so that his face could fall in it. Brilliant. Clearly
The Fork is in good hands.

So this Monday evening, if you happen to strike out with those Hamilton tickets, head on over to the Press Box on 2nd Avenue and 49th Street, for The Fork’s second stab in the Big Apple. Details here.