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bookI interrupt this non-blogging just long enough to explain that I haven’t forgotten my blog, I’ve just been neglecting it, see? On account of this book thing I’m trying to write.

More about the book thing later, except to say this is new territory for me. And I’m finding book writing to be a challenge, in that it involves a lot of time actually writing words. So many words. Nobody tells you this. Authors are usually pictured smiling and holding a copy of their book with a glossy cover on it, like it came finished like that. False! Apparently somebody has to put all the words on those pages between the covers and that poor somebody is the smiling person in the picture. I think they’re smiling because they’re finally done with the book.

I’ve checked into seeing if I can go with 36 pt. font, wide margins and large, crayon-drawn illustrations so I could finish faster. But apparently others have thought of the same things, so now they have come up with some rules. Once again, a few lazy people have spoiled it for the rest of us.

Anyway, I’m interrupting this non-blogging just long enough to commit to each of you, my dear seven readers,¹ that I’m going to finish this book thing by Oct. 1, 2016. Now that the date is written, it must be so (unless I fall hopelessly behind and have to edit this post). Hold me to it.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled non-blogging…

¹ I shall be counting on each of you to also be the seven readers of my book. I think dangling my built-in blog readership in front of publishers shall make my book an attractive option indeed. (Not to mention the crayon illustrations.)