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Climbing the Draft of Insanity

If he falls, fine. If not, the sword.

If he falls, fine. If not, the sword.

I finished a draft of the book. It seems to be serviceable. But after letting it sit for weeks now, I wonder if it could be something more. I’m currently seeing if I can dig deeper. This new direction is firmly in the uncomfortable zone for me, which makes me think it could be a good thing. But it could also be a train wreck. I give it a 38% chance of being a good thing. A bit of a long shot, but if you’re a manager in baseball, you’d send the 38% shot guy out there every chance you get. I figure it’s worth trying.

In the new draft, I’m on a walk having a conversation with a character I’ve tentatively named Frank from a parable who is sharing with me insights that I have overlooked. As I read that back, it sounds terribly boring and possibly insane. Which it probably is. No it isn’t. Yes it is. (The voices in my head are split on the matter.)

westleydennisI look down the road and I can see problems ahead. Major, foundational problems that could derail this whole effort. I tried mapping the entire thing out, but I couldn’t see past a hurdle or two down the road. So for now, I’m giving myself permission to just work through them one at a time until it falls apart. I’ve even given this rewrite a nickname: the Draft of Insanity. If, in the end, it turns out to be a disaster, I can always return to the serviceable draft. It’s serviceable. And then just delete this post and pretend the whole thing never happened.

But if it turns out OK, then maybe I have something here. Anyway, worth the added time to find out. No it isn’t. Yes it is.




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