The Hive / The Stage

And Now For Something Completely Different*

*Sort of

We moved our office to a big, empty space down by the Frontrunner station in Provo. We’re turning it into a space where, by day, we can be mild-mannered bank consultants. But at night and on weekends, the desks can be whisked away, the risers pulled out, the stage lights turned on, and we transform ourselves into (still somewhat mild-mannered) producers of new works.

Some of the new works might be things we’ve been developing over the years, but we feel a nudge to open it up beyond ourselves. So we’re calling it The Hive Collaborative.

We have this hunch (a hope, really) that there may be enough support in our area for a place that curates and produces new works. We know that sometimes new works have reputations as being lectures on the social condition. We appreciate social commentaries on the condition of the world today as much as the next person, but we’re going to lean toward works that foster optimism and hope, which seems like folks could use these days. And works that do it (here’s the tricky but vital part) in a ridiculously entertaining way.

In some ways, this move might seem like something completely different for us, but as I’ve reflected on it, I’ve come to see that this is sort of like an extension of what we’ve always tried, at least, to be about.

Last weekend, I did a terrible selfie video trying to introduce the concept and reach out to others who may have something that would be a good fit. We decided we needed to try a little harder, so we attempted to squeeze in a little shoot in 20 spare minutes between meetings this week. We almost made it, except for three lines in the middle, which we just didn’t have time to shoot that day. We shot them the next day, which blew our continuity out the window (if you’re really sharp-eyed, you just might be able to spot the unsubtle wardrobe switch).

So, to the dear seven readers of my blog, I give you this sneak peek of our call for submissions.